Thursday, September 15, 2011


so, the jcrew presentation was fabulous. the colors, the proportions, everything was great. there was a bit of buzz about how jcrew didn't belong at fashion week, but when i looked around during the week so many of the most stylish show-goers (stylists, editors, buyers) were wearing a piece or two by the brand.

i think it makes total sense to have jcrew at fashion week, if only to represent that style comes at all price points. yes, the scale and speed of production at a brand like jcrew is different than at a more 'high fashion' brand, but the fashion industry has changed so much post-recession and post-internet and i think jcrew's presence is a sign of that. also colors! stripes! sequins! who can argue with those?

(from jcrew's tumblr)

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  1. I agree jcrew belongs there, and lots of the fashionistas wear it!

    xx Cristina