Sunday, October 2, 2011

Isabal Marant

Sporty, sexy, a little crazy, the Isabel Marant show gave me a lot look forward to. "Pardon?" You might be saying, "Satin track pants? No merci!". But just take a look at some of these patterns and details:

and then, remember that Isabel's collection is so huge but the runway show limited to make a certain aesthetic point. These days with Isabel's shows I look for my favorite prints and color chords and then wait excitedly to see the multitude of silhouettes and fabrics they'll come in. Love the snakeskin jeans and intarsia knits! The colors reminded me of these paintings I just saw at the deKooning retrospective at MOMA:

If you are in NYC, do not miss this show! It is bangin'!


  1. Absolutely love Isabel Marant. And I'm all over the satin track pants! Great blog by the way :)